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Extract_Fans_final Smoke & Fume Extraction

Speartec Electrical (Pvt Ltd) are the market leading supplier of commercial ventilation solutions.

Our domestic ventilation range includes extraction fans for bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms and more.Ventiliation ranges provide some of the most energy efficient ventilation products on the market.

Take a look at our complete mechanical services range or call our sales team on +263 -4-334961 / 336484 / 308254 for further support and assistance.


AC_ducts_cabling_final Before you buy a new heating or cooling system there are several decisions you should make. If you are not able to make an informed decision then someone else can help you to decide. Speartec Electrical & Mechanical (Pvt Ltd) can lay out the options and help you with the decision making process. We have experience with many types of systems, controls and fuels which may cause us to favor one type of system, control or fuel for a particular heating situation.