Speartec Electrical & Mechanical (Pvt Ltd)

Other Projects

Mrs. Chakamanga House Chakamanga  Speartec Electrical 2001-2002
Mr. Nyariri House Nyariri Main Hse  Speartec Electrical 2002
Mr. Nyariri House Nyariri Cottage  Speartec Electrical 2002
Mrs Mafongoya House Mafongoya  Speartec Electrical 2003-2004
Mr & Mrs Mbamba House Mbamba  Speartec Electrical 2003-2004
Mr & Mrs Butau House Butau  Speartec Electrical 2003-2004
Mr. & Mrs Rusere House Rusere  Speartec Electrical 2008-2009
Mr. & Mrs Staly House Stally Generator Installation  Speartec Electrical 2008
Mr. Gwatidzo Harare Drive Church- Generator installation  Speartec Electrical 2008
Mr. Bwanya Westmoreland Properties  Speartec Electrical 2008
Mr. D. Stally House Stally-Lighting installation in the generator room  Speartec Electrical 2009
Mr. S. Munyeza House Munyeza-Cabling of external lighting & servicing of generator set  Speartec Electrical 2009
Mr and Mrs Munyeza House Munyeza Borrowdale  Speartec Electrical 2013
Mr. Njainjai Valley Tech  Speartec Electrical 2009
Mr and Mrs Dean House Dean  Speartec Electrical 2010
Mr Legat House Legat Extension  Speartec Electrical 2012